Yahaya Bello, Hadi Sirika: The Reckless Duo!


As an outgoing governor, Mr. Yahaya Bello dipped his pilfering hands into the coffers of Kogi State and pulled out whopping $720,000 to sort out the school fees of his kid(s) in advance?

Bello’s case is like the tale of a warrior, who returned from the battlefield and claimed to have killed 6000 enemies.

On getting home, he trampled on six chickens and crushed them to death. If you didn’t witness the 6000 lives killed on the battlefield, can you deny the six chickens crushed at home?

Bello, clearly, has a case to answer, and the earlier he comes out of hiding to face his fears, the better for him and his unfortunate supporters.

Let’s come to Uncle Hadi Sirika. At what point really does experience count in public service? If he had not learned over time, what about age and wisdom?

Hadi Sirika gave contracts to his younger brother’s company, sharing the same surname, Abubakar Sirika. Worse still, this his brother, a level 16 civil servant, is a deputy director in the Ministry of Water Resources.

Soon as monies were paid into his brother’s company account, he immediately moved them out to several others as instructed without as much lifting a finger on the jobs. Scam aiye.

If this is not impunity, what else would you call it? Didn’t he know giving contract to his relatives contravenes extant laws and rules, more so a serving civil servant?

Hadi, who pulled down a fully functional Lagos office of an agency under him with all the equipment in it, just to force them to relocate to Abuja, is as reckless as the white mouse from Kogi.

The only solution to Nigeria’s endemic corruption is the death sentence. But who will pass the law? These lawmakers? Abeg, second base jare.

Truly, like Pastor E.A. Adeboye once told Pastor Sam Adeyemi during a discussion: Can armed robbers elect a police officer as their leader? Maybe in Nigeria.

Good morning.


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