Why Tinubu Should Arrest ‘Elite Of The Elite’ Subsidy Thieves – Aliyu Audu


A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Aliyu Audu has called on President Bola Tinubu to arrest and prosecute the subsidy thieves who are responsible for the terrible state of the Nigerian economy.

Audu  was a member APC Presidential Transition Council, media strategy subcommittee of the APC in the 2023 general elections.

In his national broadcast on Monday night, Tinubu had said the defects in Nigerian economy immensely profited a tiny elite, which he further described as the elite of the elite.

“I had promised to reform the economy for the long-term good by fighting the major imbalances that had plagued our economy.  Ending the subsidy and the preferential exchange rate system were key to this fight. This fight is to define the fate and future of our nation. Much is in the balance.
“Thus, the defects in our economy immensely profited a tiny elite, the elite of the elite you might call them. As we moved to fight the flaws in the economy, the people who grow rich from them, predictably, will fight back through every means necessary” the president said.

Speaking on Channels Television programme ‘Sunrise Daily, Audu he will like to see the president make the subsidy thieves answer questions.

“Mr. President was very specific. I am very impressed with his choice of words in his speech yesterday. When he mentioned elites, he didn’t just say elites, he said elites of the elites. You and I remember 10,11 years ago when the subsidy scam in the House of Reps came up, when certain billionaires were fingered. Yes, the president kicked against the removal of fuel subsidy at the time but we know better now”.

“There are two ways to solve this problem. While trying to dry up the flood, you stop the leak. Yes, I want them (subsidy thieves) arrested. That is my position. They should be arrested. There must be plans to make people answer questions”.


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