What a Vice-President!


He has never spoken like a first-class brain. He is always descending into the arena and from there to the gutters. Usually unprovoked.

He may argue it’s all politics, but it diminishes and exposes his character, hitherto masked by his superficially well-off resume.

And coming from someone with personal inadequacy, it’s beneath him, totally.

He once said Professor Yemi Osinbajo was better off selling ice cream. Now, he wants to retire Atiku Abubakar to rearing goats and what again… ? Unbelievable!

Throughout the electioneering period, he always mounted the soapbox, hauling insults at everyone and everything in sight, and at the expense of issue-based engagements.

Whoever told him he’d be anything other than the vice-president, which is probably why he’s been picking on his predecessors without moderation and circumspection, has a lot of explaining to do.

Constantly spewing such twaddle at a time the government in which he is a principal stakeholder should get down to brass tacks and fix the problems, brings to light the manner of man elected as Nigeria’s vice-president.

He’s habitually disrespectful to age and office… Eeyan ti o da l’on fo’lu.


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