Tinubu Needs Your Support To Succeed, Aisha Buhari Tells Govs’ Wives


First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari, on Thursday, urged wives of Nigerian governors to use their powers at the state level to support the government of the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, to enable him to deliver on his “Renewed Hope” Mandate.

The First Lady stated this in Abuja at an induction ceremony organised for wives of returning and elected governors.

In her opening remarks, while welcoming wives of the governors to the two-day summit, Mrs Buhari said the programme aims at building the capacities of States’ First Ladies to assist in the development process as mothers and homemakers.

She said, “Our Renewed Hope is a vision that requires capacity building and strategies for more impactful democratic change and inclusion. This summit is important in providing participants with opportunities to fine-tune their collective vision for more effective democratisation.

“Irrespective of our differences and experiences, our challenges should not deter our commitments to serve Nigeria better.

“Our commitments to democracy as wives and leaders require collective efforts to build a strong foundation for democratic governance.

“This summit, therefore, provides an avenue in acquiring ideas for promoting excellence and innovation in all our processes of governance.”

Renewed Hope is the policy document that President-elect Tinubu campaigned with across the six geo-political zones prior to the February 25 election.

She also charged them not to forget the home front saying, “I would like to remind the serving and incoming spouses of the executive Governors to give more support to their husbands to ensure delivery of good governance.

“We should remember that our duty first, is to serve our communities and to do so, we must remain committed to the development of a new Nigeria. This call to action is to take a lead in promoting democracy and gender participation of women in politics and governance.

“I urge you to translate the brilliant ideals of today’s summit and utilise them to promote women’s rights and empowerment.

“I must emphasise that it is important to translate our gender policy into action and our vision of building a better Nigeria should start from our States and through you as we lay a foundation for greater Nigeria.

“It is through your support and dedication to helping women and the girl-child that their dreams can be actualised, and potentials become realisable. It is doable and I know you can do it,” she added.

Also speaking, the outgoing chairperson of the Nigeria Governors Wives’ Forum, Mariya Tambuwal urged her colleagues to deploy the powers at their disposal to drive positive change in their respective states.

“As we gather here today, we are reminded of the incredible power that First Ladies possess to inspire and lead change throughout history.

“First Ladies have been instrumental in shaping and influencing the course of our nation, using their unique positions and platforms to effect meaningful change in their communities and beyond, whether your advocacy is to promote education and health initiative or empowering women and girls.

“To the outgoing and returning First Ladies, thank you for your continued service and steadfast commitment to your respective states and to the immense support you provide to your husbands, the governors. You have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals through your initiatives, programmes and advocacy.

“Your leadership has set the stage for progress, and we eagerly anticipate the heights the next sets of First Ladies would reach in the future.

“To the incoming First Ladies, today (Thursday) marks the beginning of an incredible journey.

“I urge you to embrace this opportunity with open hearts and open minds. You have been given a platform to effect change, to uplift communities, and to foster unity. Your unique voices, experiences, and passions will undoubtedly shape the narrative of your time as First Ladies. Use this privilege wisely, for the power of your influence can be transformative.

“Let us remember the power of our collective efforts. By collaborating, sharing best practices, and supporting one another; we can create a ripple effect that transcends state lines. Together, we can lead with a commitment to the betterment of our communities,” she said.

Earlier, Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen charged outgoing and new First Ladies to continue to avail Nigerian women opportunities that had eluded them in the past even as she commended the Kwara State Governor, Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman for appointing many women into his cabinet and challenge his colleagues to learn from him.

The Minister also urged the Governors to lend helping hands to female candidates during the electioneering period to have an increased number of elective women in the country.


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