The Raging Coup D’etat…


If the ECOWAS, the AU, and other global bodies always embodied the moral responsibility to restore constitutional order in countries where the military had upstaged democratic rule, why is that responsibility restrictive?

Shouldn’t it also include whipping member-states into line each time they sat tight in office, stepped out of order, perpetuate corruption, deprive their people of good life, and oppress them by displaying ostentatious wealth at their collective expense?

They keep talking about the sanctity of democracy, just because it easily appeals to emotions, but they do less to make it attractive and abiding. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

Sadly, the military hardly does well and even worse. At the end of the day, they always leave behind tales of woes, corruption and rights abuse, and of tears and blood.

This, naturally, should leave the political class with the sole responsibility of ensuring the survival of their reverred democracy if they truly mean well.

At this point, it makes sense to start addressing the root cause of coups and not the effect by aiming to reverse them after they’ve been carried out?

But if the trend is to be studied, sincerely, there’s cause to show that the raging scourge is not ceasing anytime soon.

So, Africa, fasten your seat belt, it’s about to race mad!


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