The Healing Literature! 


They may say you haven’t done enough, albeit grudgingly, especially when measured against their rather unrealistic expectations. Fair enough! 

But always make sure they have no grounds to say you haven’t done anything at all. That is where your peace of mind lies. Absolutely! 

Even at that, never seek their pseudo gratitude or cosmetic validation, which seems to enhance their routine commercial sycophancy. It’s typically inane. 

Their loyalty is always for sale. It is either momentary or situational. But, clearly, their stock-in-trade. There’s always a victim in their wait-list – usually a long one. 

For as long as you know fairweather creatures of no classification, when you see one, you’ll never be a victim of their exploitative adventures. 

Just don’t stop smiling at their compound folly. The joke is on them. Always is! 

Remain eternally thankful to God for His faithfulness and, importantly, always appreciate the gift of your convictions.

Nothing compares to the power of discernment. Nothing! 

This is healing literature for anyone who needs it✌️

Good morning, y’all ♥️


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