Russian Fighter Jet Bombs Own City Near Ukraine Border


A Russian fighter jet has accidentally bombed a city in Russia amid war with the neighbouring country, Ukraine.

While residents of the city, Belgorod, thought the Thursday evening incident was the result of a Ukrainian attack, the Russian Defence Ministry admitted on Friday that the bombing was carried out by its own fighter jet, Insider reports.

“During the flight of the Su-34 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces over the city of Belgorod, an abnormal descent of aviation ammunition occurred,” the ministry said in a statement.

Surveillance footage shared by the Russian news outlet, RBC, showed a bright flash before the explosion which set a section of the street on fire and left a 60-foot-wide crater in the city centre.

The Governor of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, revealed that two women were injured in the blast, while four apartments were damaged.

Belgorod is a Russian border city about 25 miles from Ukraine, where a year-long conflict rages on.

Throughout the war, Russia has accused Ukraine of shelling the border city. However, Kyiv has denied the allegation, blaming Russia for misfiring on its own city.


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