Pilots Brain Drain Hits Africa – IATA


The International Air Transport Association, IATA, has stated that with the operationalization of the 1500-hour flight rule, there is a brain drain in Africa concerning qualified pilots.

IATA Director General, WIllie Warsh, disclosed this recently during the “Focus Africa” virtual launch.

He explained that while Africa suffered the mass exodus of Pilots, the United States of America and Canada enjoyed brain gain.

Walsh pointed out that the 1500-hour rule has created a situation where highly qualified individuals leave their home region or country for better career prospects in the USA over time.

“The 1500-hour rule has caused a shortage of qualified pilots in the USA, not Europe. It makes the country attractive. In Africa, it leads to a situation whereby talents leave the continent to other countries,” he said.

The 1500-hour rule means the number of flying hours required to become a qualified commercial Pilot in the USA and Canada.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world only needs 250 hours to qualify as a Commercial Pilot.


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