On Leah Sharibu, God, Let’s Talk!


I haven’t stopped and do not think I can ever stop thinking about how this girl must have felt let down each day. We all failed Leah Sharibu. The system failed her. Everything and everyone, including GOD, failed her.

I recall in one of my posts in the early days after her abduction, I concluded that she displayed crass naivety by failing to renounce her faith in exchange for her freedom, because that was what was reportedly demanded of her.

And then, one thoughtless fellow, who, obviously was living happily with his wife and children, said, “No, she did the best thing because God would be happy she did.”

How does living a terrible life amongst those “animals” glorify the name of God?

I can’t imagine how some of those motivational speakers, who masquerade around as men of God must have influenced her refusal to renounce her faith in the face of criminals, who had no faith either or could read the Quran?

Even after Jesus Christ had told Peter he would deny him three times and he vowed, it wouldn’t happen, but later did, he was forgiven, regardless. The denial was circumstantial, and Jesus saw it ahead.

Every time I hear the Leah story, my heart aches. A promising young girl has now become a play thing in the hands of terrorists, who now pass her round in the name of dubious marriages, hopping from one miserable man to another against her will.

Isn’t death easier and better?

Do we think about her parents at all? Perhaps they have submitted to fate since they’re not in a position to negotiate the freedom of their precious daughter. But how do they live every day knowing their daughter isn’t dead but daily being abused in some forest by some animals in human skin?

God, I do not question you or your supremacy over everything because I’m sure you knew these things even before they happened. I just do not understand how something like this glorifies your name or enhances the congregation of your people?

Hopefully, one day, Leah would have an opportunity to tell her story (if not too late), and we shall see how this misfortune, which obviously isn’t her making, had fulfilled all righteousness.

It is well… 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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