Obaseki vs Shaibu: Shame of a Duo!


Over three years ago, I predicted that neither Governor Godwin Obaseki (Edo) nor Governor Yahaya Bello (Kogi) would let their deputies succeed them. Some of my friends had queried my seeming pessimism. But it wasn’t difficult to see and clearly nothing out of the ordinary.

Both Philip Shaibu and Edward Onoja had displayed the kind of capacity that no principal with poverty of ambition would ever consider them successors. It is safe to say that money aside, they were each critical to why their principals returned to office, either by hook or crook.

Therefore, for the pundits, it was only a question time, what had brought them together for that sole purpose was clearly going to separate them, with the kind of bitterness, strange only to the undiscerning but familiar to close watchers.

Curiously, while Kogi, in spite of the governor’s infantile disposition, has been able to manage theirs without a fuss, even though their seeming peace is a facade; Edo has continued to shamelessly do its laundry in public, unbothered of consequences to both the state and their offices.

Honestly, no one should be sympathetic to either side – Obaseki or Shaibu. They made a choice, and it’s time to live with the consequences of their choices. To dine with the devil is not a consideration for the feeble hearted.

However, as the drama lingers, one thing is certain: it will ultimately consume both Obaseki and Shaibu. They’re soon going to activate the MAD button, and what cannot be quantified now is the collateral damage. Yet, what is incontrovertible is the unavoidable mutually assured destruction.

Ladies and gentlemen, Enjoy Season 1, Episode 2 of the “Shame of a Duo” – the theatrics, intrigues, and demise of an otherwise budding relationship.


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