Movie Review: Treasure in the Sky


Although basic in terms of production, a very beautiful movie it is. Clean with choice and suiting locations. You can’t but love the cast and their character depictions. They are well-identified for their respective roles. The storyline, too, is a good one until the end. 

A plot twist to play up divine interventions in human endeavours would have done so much to the psyche of viewers than the producers could ever imagine. Life is already cruel. The state of the nation is on its own, a devastating pressure to deal with. 

Therefore, only positive references, interpretations, and representations of our world can do the magic. Those students trusted God. They hoped for a turnaround of the ill fate that stared one of them in the face. They prayed and sang to God. 

They also made promises that signaled hope at different times, among themselves, believing there’s a supreme being. Yet, you dashed that same hope at the end of it. Haba! 

It’s too straight a storyline, albeit interesting and funny at various turns. A twist at the end of it could have been soul-lifting.

How about Jidenna just showing up at the prom after all hope had been lost, given his terminal ailment and his mates prevented from seeing him again till that day? How about alluding to misdiagnosis to justify the positive twist? 

His death, for me, made a mess of an otherwise beautiful work. Life happens, no doubt. But we can’t afford for hope to be forlorn when it’s most critical. 

I’m certainly not looking forward to seeing the movie a second time. But I also won’t consider my time this first and only viewing a waste. 

Overall, it’s not a bad effort, sha.


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