Hustlers  Can’t Pressure President Tinubu To Give Them Appointments – APC


The All Progressives Congress Director of Publicity, Bala Ibrahim, has said hustlers can’t pressure President Bola Tinubu into appointing those who are not worthy.

He said the former Lagos State governor would focus on competence and capacity in appointing Nigerians to fill vacant positions in his administration.

According to him, appointments to the Tinubu administration will be the President’s prerogative.

The President, it was gathered on Wednesday, would fill the positions mostly with members of his APC party members.

The dissolved boards were among the 209 constituted by former President Muhammadu Buhari in December 2017.

The PUNCH reports that Tinubu announced on Monday night the dissolution of the governing boards of all Federal Government parastatals, agencies, and commissions.

Though it is not clear when Tinubu plans to constitute the new boards, it is expected that the APC members will get most of the juicy appointments.

Party sources also told The PUNCH on Wednesday that the board appointments served as an avenue to reward and empower party loyalists and supporters.

However, the APC Director of Publicity, Bala Ibrahim, said board appointments should not be seen as a reward system.

He noted that it was the prerogative of the President to decide whether he wanted party members or technocrats as members of his administration.

“Even if people are jostling for appointments, I don’t think that will be considered something that is paramount or fundamental. The president is not going to be stampeded, I suppose, into submitting to pressure.

“I think he is going to look out for competence and capacity in the delivery of his agenda. He and the party had made promises to the people. I don’t think it is the pressure of the hustlers that will determine who gets what positions. This is my thinking,” Ibrahim said.


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