Gabon: No Pity for the Bongos!


From Omar to Ali, the Bongo family has ruled Gabon for a cumulative 56 years (42+14) before the “people” revolted.

Even when Ali, the ousted one, had become visibly incapacitated and no longer fit to continue in office as president, he still sat tight.

He could barely walk five metres unaided, even in an enclosed space, or clearly express a meaningful thought. Age and health had already given up on him.

Now, the world waits to hear on what grounds the ‘lovers of democracy’ would rally round one of their own to demand his reinstatement?

Is it on the grounds of democratic ethos, which he willfully trampled on or the evil perpetuation of himself and family in office or salvaging a mandate the people no longer call theirs?

Democracy is human creation, and it is not timeless. The choice to keep it alive is essentially that of the operators. Period!


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