[Full List]: Real Madrid Top Forbes Most Valuable Football Team Ranking


The world’s top-ranking website, Forbes, names Real Madrid as the 2022 most valuable football team in the world.

The Spanish football giant sits in the top position as it is valued at $6.07 billion (£4.9 billion).

Real Madrid, a 14-time Champions League winner, ranks ahead of Manchester United and Qatari-owned PSG.

“The Spanish side has made it to five of the last nine lucrative Champions League finals, winning all of them,” Forbes stated.

Six of the top 10 are Premier League sides, and seven of the top 30 clubs are from Major League Soccer.

Real Madrid, along with their top rival, Barcelona, are the only two Spanish football teams to make the top 10 cut. This shows the financial dominance of these two archrivals in La Liga.

The only club that ranks in the top 30 list is Atletico Madrid, in 13th place. Its value is $1.54 billion.

Forbes explained, “Real Madrid has also secured nearly $400 million from Sixth Street and Legends as part of a 20-year deal to enhance revenue at its Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which has been undergoing a massive renovation that is expected to be completed next year.”

Forbes List of Top 10 Most Valuable Clubs

  1. Real Madrid ($6.07bn)
  2. Manchester United ($6bn)
  3. Barcelona ($5.51bn)
  4. Liverpool ($5.29bn)
  5. Manchester City ($4.99bn)
  6. Bayern Munich ($4.86bn)
  7. Paris Saint-Germain ($4.21bn)
  8. Chelsea ($3.1bn)
  9. Tottenham Hotspur ($2.8bn)
  10. Arsenal ($2.26bn)


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