Doctor Happy Despite Being Told He Has Just Six Months To Live 


A doctor with terminal colon cancer who found out he has just two to six months to live says he is the ‘happiest’ he’s ever been. 

Dr Daniel Bockmann, 54, a chiropractor from Texas was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2021 after doctors found a ‘softball-sized’ tumor in his rectum. They later discovered the cancer had spread, leading to three more tumors in the lungs and seven in his liver. 

However, the cancer has now spread to his pancreas, and his doctor said even in the best-case scenario, he has no more than six months to live.

Dr Bockmann told despite the grim outlook, he is overwhelmed with support and ‘more thirsty for life’ than ever before. 

‘I never felt complete as a person my whole life,’ he said. 

‘There was just this undercurrent of, “I’m not a fully realized person.” And this has just rapidly thrown me into this feeling of being, “I know who I am now. I know why I’m here.”

 ‘It is so much better than I could have imagined.


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