Confiscation Order: Ibori To Seek Justice In UK’s Appeal, Supreme Courts



Former Delta State Governor, Chief James Ibori has vowed to seek justice in the Appeal and Supreme Courts in the United Kingdom (UK) if he is ordered to pay over 100m pounds confiscation order by the Southwark Crown Court.

Judge David Tomlinson of Southwark Crown Court is expected to give a ruling on Friday regarding the funds.

In a tweet on his official Twitter handle, Ibori who described the trial at the Southwark Crown Court as a ‘shenanigan’, added that with the events that played out at the court on Thursday, his hopes for a fair judgment from Judge Tomlinson is fading as the judge is “prioritising expediency over justice”.

He wrote “Finally, the shenanigan’s in the Southwark Crown Court are drawing to a close. Judge Tomlinson is due to make a confiscation order which should be both realisable and not punitive”.

“However, after what transpired in court today my hopes are rapidly fading for any degree of fairness. In the 2 years it has taken to write this judgment it seems apparent that he has forgotten many of the salient points and is prioritising expediency over justice”.

“The next steps will be to take my fight for justice to the highest courts in the UK”.

Ibori who returned to Nigeria after serving his terms in UK was given a heroic welcome by the people of Delta state. Till date, many believe his trial was politically motivated.


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