Afamefuna…It’s What You Say It Is!


A story about struggle, hope, dedication, and contentment, one of the major takeaways is that upbringing always plays a pivotal role in whatever we become, ultimately.

Paul was generally not a bad guy. But he was fickle, and that led him into perdition. His hitherto latent greed and entitlement mentality accentuated his otherwise predictable death.

The role of the woman between them is typical and highly relatable. From the beginning of creation, the woman has always been the nemesis of the man, weak or not.

But I like the fact that Afam “killed” the greedy Paul without pulling the trigger. He knew that just “one call” would get Paul out of the way, and he made the call without blinking.

It seemed mean but it was compelling for his own survival. After all, Paul initiated the link. Afam was only smart and bursting with native wisdom.

My star of the movie, however, is Odogwu, Kanayo O Kanayo. My love for this veteran thespian is unceasing. He embodies acting and lives the art. His delivery was effortless and made it seem as though he was just living his normal life.

Do not be surprised that despite acknowledging Paul’s many efforts, a man like Odogwu saw through his shenanigans, concealed greed and capacity for crime.

Therefore, bypassing Paul to honour Afam and as well granting him freedom ahead of Paul, was not an accident. Odogwu just wanted to teach Paul and others some serious life lessons.

Overall, it’s not a needlessly busy movie. Simple, and yet beautiful. I love Afamefuna.


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