2nd Niger Bridge: Buhari Justifies Huge Debt Profile


Amidst criticism trailing his administration for incurring a high debt profile, President Muhammadu Buhari has justified his actions, saying the infrastructures he facilitated were carefully executed in very transparent circumstances.

According to him, the projects are there for everyone to see.

Buhari offered the explanation on Tuesday, while virtually commissioning the second niger bridge, including three secretariats and one road project.

Justifying the debt burden he is about to leave behind after eight years in the saddle of leadership, Buhari said: “I share the concerns of Nigerians, the debts are tied to projects that have been executed in very transparent circumstances and are there for everyone to see. The wealth of other nations is traceable to their investments in infrastructure made possible by debts redeemed over decades.

“As we look at the debt profile, I urge us to also look at the assets and investment profiles, some of which were paid for by debt and some by investment income.”

According to the outgoing President, he made infrastructure development a key point of focus in his administration as a deliberate action to create wealth and make poverty alleviation easier.

Buhari also said: “We do not act on infrastructure by accident. It has been a deliberate choice for our government as a tool to fight poverty, to create economic growth and employment and to open the path of prosperity for our people.”


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